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Entourage - Driving Growth

Driving Growth

Entourage is an integrated Business Development Agency. We have developed an effective way of driving agency growth that focuses on both business and profile development. Times have changed, has your new business strategy?

Entourage - Strategy


We help agencies to define their new business objectives and then create the road map to get them there by devising a business development strategy for growth that builds both the company profile and client base.

Entourage - Business Development

Business Development

We have a team of dedicated business development managers responsible for driving a pipeline of new business opportunities, building relationships with key prospects and maintaining engagement throughout their buying cycle.

Entourage - Communications


Our communications team ensure all business development campaigns are led by a robust content strategy, allowing your messaging to be consumed by decision makers, through their preferred channels. A truly integrated approach.

Entourage - Data & Insight

Data & Insight

Everything we do is underpinned by our in-house data and insights team. We use a number of industry leading intelligence tools as well as crafting bespoke targeting lists. This ensures we are having relevant conversations with budget holding prospects.

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New Era New Business

Entourage is an integrated business development consultancy that works with a wide range of marketing services clients. 

Put simply, we’re a highly experienced team of growth strategists, business developers and communications managers that deliver innovative, multi-channel new business campaigns. We work with you to develop a clearly defined proposition, and then devise and deliver a growth plan that generates new clients through building your profile and credibility in your target markets.

To achieve sustained new business growth we believe your agency profile needs to be as strong as your new business messaging. These two areas are inextricably linked and continued growth depends on the development of both. The challenge then presents, that to deliver an initiative that grows the company profile and generates the right new business leads you need the input of a broad range of skillsets. It's simply unrealistic to expect the entirety from one individual. 

For this reason we deploy a team structure to all our clients, combining highly experienced Strategy Directors, Senior Business Development Managers and Communication Managers, underpinned by a solid Data & Insight team that inter-relate to deliver a rich, integrated and bespoke new business initiative. 

We are an outsourced marketing and new business department, an Entourage of complimentary skillsets.

Entourage HQ

Our Approach
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Getting the right mix

We have seen the way people consume content change significantly in recent years, and as a result the more traditional methods of generating a fruitful new business pipeline are simply not as effective as they once were.

In the multi-media world we now live in, where we all consume many different forms of content in our daily lives, any b2b programme must include multiple touchpoints to maximise both reach and engagement.

At Entourage, we devise truly integrated new business campaigns, including social media presence, ensuring both new client growth and profile building.


At Entourage our Strategy team has over two decades of combined experience in delivering business development campaigns for a broad range of clients. 

Over the years we have noted that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to driving sustained business growth.

The Strategy team will devise a new business initiative that targets exactly the right prospects, in the most relevant sectors and market positions to your business with the most effective mix of contact channels.

Business Development

Whilst the methods of effective new business development has changed and content is becoming more and more important, it still very much requires the human touch to ensure that content is activated and business relationships are built.

Our business development team are a set of highly experienced new business professionals, experts at delivering your proposition in a way that is compelling, building rapport in a credible way and understanding the prospects objectives through a consultative approach.

They are tightly aligned to the content programme, providing direct and meaningful context which is key to a successful new business campaign.



Essentially, not everyone likes to be communicated to in the same way. The majority are a mixed bag and consume content through a wide range of mediums, yet most new business programmes consist of only one or two channels, typically phone and e-mail, leaving a vast amount of untapped potential.

We believe that the key to success is a tightly knit, integrated communications programme, allowing your messaging to be consumed by decision makers, through their preferred channels, until a relevant project emerges and timing is right.

We have a dedicated team of communications professionals to ensure that this is actually delivered and not just talked about. This includes reviewing your social media activity, looking at the potential for events/seminars, utilising thought leadership and unearthing PR opportunities. 

Data & Insight

Our robust Data & Insight's team underpins all of our new business campaigns.

It is essential that we are not only identifying the right prospects to target, but industry trends, current activity, company structure and spend levels. This makes our first and on-going contact as relevant as possible, cutting through the noise of the generic majority.

We utilise a variety of industry leading tools to really understand the landscape of brands and organisations, where key individuals interact online, how they consume their content and who they are influenced by.

Getting this right ensures your messaging is going to reach those key individuals through a channel that's preferential to them in a way that's engaging.


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At Entourage we pride ourselves on employing only the most experienced business development and communication professionals. We are not looking for graduates, and if you think you have what it takes to join the Entourage you must have at least 3-4 years' experience in business development.

We are growing fast so there are lots of opportunities for progression. The right individuals have an opportunity to manage teams, devise sophisticated new business campaigns, drive a face to face sales programme and grow into a role where they are responsible for their own business unit. 

To find out more give us a call, send us your CV to or simply fill in the contact form on the right and we'll get back in touch.

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