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Events that leave an impression: ‘The Future of Content’

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Events that leave an impression:  ‘The Future of Content’

Content has become such a huge topic for brands. Today’s consumer is spending hours on a daily basis streaming videos, photo's, podcasts and browsing blogs. On the one hand it's a great time for brands to be communicating with consumers and on the other it's become more difficult than ever. There is an ad-block-alypse on its way and brands need to prepare. Ad blocking software has gone mainstream growing by 41% in the last 12 months. This means it is time for brands to get their content strategy in check, and ensure they are getting the right content to the consumer.

As a result of this current challenge for marketers we devised ‘The Future of Content’ event for our client digital agency client Impero to help brands navigate these changing conditions. 

The room was filled with marketers from top brands who heard some great insights into what the future holds for content.  We had attendees from brands including: Sony, Adidas, Ticketmaster, Barclays and British Gas. Entourage carefully targeted attendees to fit Impero’s brief for their audience expectations.

The event was held at The Hospital Club with a selection of speakers: Patrick Collister Creative Director of Google's client-facing team in London, The ZOO, Michael Scantlebury Creative Director at Impero and Daniel Deeks-Osburn Strategy Director at Impero. They covered everything brands need to know about creating compelling content in this new age of online marketing. 

The 4 key trends of content discussed were:

1.     Ad-block-alypse – with stats such as: 63% of millennials block ads and 22% of UK internet users block ads, there is no doubt the ad-block-alypse is near.

Lesson: stop interrupting and start adding value.

2.     Explosion of channels – there are numerous platforms already out there, and there are always new platforms entering the market.  

Lesson: don’t chase trendy platforms, flirt with consumers.

3.     Lo-fi is the new premium – consumers are over the gloss, they seek authenticity. This is the reason why bloggers and vloggers have taken off.

Lesson: consumers value access over gloss.  

 4.     There will always be a new and shiny toy – There is always going to be a new passing trend, that doesn’t mean you should get involved in every single one.

Lesson: be authentic, know who you are, and know who your consumers think you are.

The key message of the day was that successful brands are those that are consumer-centric. Consumers want to be reached on their own terms; they don't like to be interrupted. Brands should be adding value and entertaining consumers rather than disrupting their online experience.