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The Reconnaissance Series: A Client Perspective

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The Reconnaissance Series: A Client Perspective

We are back this month with the second instalment in our series of interviews we've held with senior marketers at a range of brands. Each brand will share their personal insight on how they like to be approached by new agencies, what they look for in that first new business meeting and how they evaluate throughout the pitch process.

Our second interview is with Douglas Nesbitt, Customer Experience Director at Sainsbury's Argos Group. 

Customer experience is such a huge challenge at the moment and Douglas is very are aware that it's business critical to get it right. Agencies that are able to showcase relevant insight and guidance in this area will draw the attention of potential clients like Douglas.

Look out for our next episodes in the coming months which will include the Marketing Director at HTC and the Marketing Director at Union Roasted. We hope you find the series insightful and guides you to a more effective new business approach.